Home Renovations on a Limited Budget

Home Improvement

Selling your home or condo this time of year? You might want to think about some of these small renovation tips to liven up the space.

Many homeowners perceive renovation as a project that takes a large amount of time and a lot of money to complete. Renovation projects don’t have to be expensive when it comes to sprucing up your home. Here are a few ideas to help deliver the best results when you're on a tight budget.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint, the easiest and most cost-effective avenue to maximize your homes’ showing potential to new buyers. Painting works miracles for rooms that are bare or smaller in size. Neutral paint schemes help lighten up a room and make the space seem larger than what they really are. Even if a space is already neutral, it’s advisable to throw a “fresh” coat on the walls. Consider beige or light grays in color, depending on your trim. Check out Sherwin Williams, Paint of the Year here.


Changing from carpet to hardwood doesn’t always maximize your return on investment. If your home is lined with carpet that appears to have normal wear and tear or is more than a few years old, take the time to replace it with a quality material neutral to the space.

A nice refinish on hardwoods can work wonders, especially if they’re original.

Update Fixtures

Fixtures can be a plethora of items in your home, from doorknobs to faucet hardware to lighting in the rooms. Older styles within a home can become timeless with updates to the knobs and handles.

Does your lighting need an upgrade? Sure, you’ve looked at that same dining room with the globe light fixture since you’ve moved in, but does it maximize the space? Lighting in the room makes a significant difference towards buyer perception. Explore options that illuminate your room with brighter LED lights.

Consider using smart technology, for your keyed entryways and light fixtures to attract buyers seeking to digitize systems within their home

Repainted/refinished cabinets

Ever wonder why America has so many shows based around food and real estate? People LOVE to cook in their kitchens and everyone has some sort of tie to housing. The kitchen can be the biggest selling point in many homes and becomes the most important space to invest money and time into when it comes to renovations. If you’re working on a tight budget, it’s hard to throw twenty thousand dollars into new countertops, a center island and new appliances, all at once. Consider replacing handles with those that are more modern and selling in the marketplace. Study newer built developments & condominiums to see what is being placed into the kitchen. Refinish existing cabinets and paint with a color that will accent the space.

New Front Door

If the kitchen is what sells the inside of the home when you enter, your curb appeal is what drives people through the door. The entry door to your home is one of the most effective renovations that linger in the mind of the Buyer.  Front doors can be simple and effective or some of the most ornate designs. Check out the below and see how each carry a different, yet memorable view. 




 Consider re-purposing the old door for new interior projects


When touring homes together with Buyer clients, I tend to greet them in front of the home, usually from the street. This allows me to highlight on some key features while they visualize the landscape and exterior in its entirety. Buyers want something visually stimulating. The home can sometimes sell itself, just from a few touches on the exterior. The first and last item buyers visualize and touch on the home, is your door.


Can you sense a theme in all of these minor upgrades? When it comes to selling, the goal is to become as like-minded with as many prospective buyers of your property as possible. The more eyes on the home, the more prone you are to receive offers.

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